Happy 9th Anniversary MYST!

Today we celebrate MYST’s 9th anniversary. Time for a slice (or more) of cake!



I’m very proud to see this community of wonderful people still going after 9 years. We’ve had ups and downs, but as we look forward to a new era with new games to explore, I hope that each of us can continue to reach out to one another and enjoy games together.

If you’d like to meet each other physically this year, I suggest attending Gamescom in Germany. Not only is it a huge games convention where there’s sure to be presence from all the major publishers (ArenaNet included), but it’s a huge social gathering as well. Details of current preparations can be found on the forum. I hope you’ll be able to make it!

Here’s to many more years to come!

Guild Wars 2 Expansion – Heart of Thorns

Yesterday the first Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns, was announced at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. Set to continue where Living Story Season 2 ended, the expansion sees players heading deep into the Maguuma Jungle in pursuit of the Elder Dragon, Mordremoth.

New biomes and mapsHeart of Maguuma

The Maguuma Jungle is billed as having hugely vertical maps, and will cover 3 distinct biomes – the core of the jungle floor, beneath the roots of the trees and in the canopy.


Mastering the Jungle11 - Masteries

The jungle is billed as a very different environment to the existing maps in Guild Wars 2. To cope with this, players will be able to train into masteries to help them traverse the jungle and gain access to new content that would be inaccessible. Examples given include gliders to allow you to fly to inaccessible areas and learning to understand the languages of other races who then give you secrets.

Mastery points will be account wide (like WvW points), and will be given for a variety of activities, including existing Guild Wars 1 content.

Introducing the Revenant

18 - Profession Revenant

This brand new class focusses on channelling the heroes of Tyria’s past and using those abilities to destroy their enemies. The full set of heroes will be announced closer to launch, but Mallyx and Jalis Ironhammer have been confirmed on the list. The Revenant is a heavy armor class, and parallels have been drawn between the Ritualist and Dervish of Guild Wars 1.


16 - Specializations

To refresh the existing professions, specialisations will be made available through training. These specialisations will make new weapons, skills and traits available to the professions, including greatsword for necromancers, and rangers will be able to become a staff wielding druid.

Guild Halls

25 - Guild Halls

Finally making it into the game are guild halls. Billed as “a part of the Maguuma for you and your guild to claim” these will be areas to prepare for missions and launch into the new Stronghold PvP mode.

Other headlines

  • No level cap increase
  • No new gear tier
  • New legendary weapons and precursor crafting
  • New WvW borderlands map

The Bottom Line

Heart of Thorns will be a paid-for boxed expansion and not a standalone game. Whilst no date or price has yet been announced, the expectation is that “things will move quite quickly”. To that end, the game will be available to play at PAX East (US) and EGX Rezzed (UK) at the start of March.


Excited? Got questions? Join the discussion.

Steam sale starts today!

Hide your wallet, the Steam sale starts today!

From now until Tuesday 2nd December, there’ll be new games on sale to beef  up your library and tempt you to part with your hard earned cash.

Kicking off the sale today is the newly released Civilization: Beyond Earth at 50% off, The Evil Within at 66% off and Don’t Starve at 75% off (less than £3!). These deals will end on the 28th, whilst other deals will change daily.

Come and play Cards Against Humanity

Next Friday 28th November at 8pm UTC, there’s going to be another Cards Against Humanity session.

Details can be found on our forum. Hope to see you there!

Guild Wars 2 Living Story Restarts!

This coming Tuesday, the Guild Wars 2 Living Story will restart with Echoes of the Past. The Pact is preparing for war against Mordremoth, but heroes are uniting in a mysterious land to fight against the Elder Dragon.

The update promises new armor skins, a new statistics combo and skill re-balances, to be followed with another in 2 weeks.

Don’t fret if you don’t have time to play before the next update, just log in to the game to unlock the chapter to play at a later date!

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