Steam sale starts today!

Hide your wallet, the Steam sale starts today!

From now until Tuesday 2nd December, there’ll be new games on sale to beef  up your library and tempt you to part with your hard earned cash.

Kicking off the sale today is the newly released Civilization: Beyond Earth at 50% off, The Evil Within at 66% off and Don’t Starve at 75% off (less than £3!). These deals will end on the 28th, whilst other deals will change daily.

Come and play Cards Against Humanity

Next Friday 28th November at 8pm UTC, there’s going to be another Cards Against Humanity session.

Details can be found on our forum. Hope to see you there!

Guild Wars 2 Living Story Restarts!

This coming Tuesday, the Guild Wars 2 Living Story will restart with Echoes of the Past. The Pact is preparing for war against Mordremoth, but heroes are uniting in a mysterious land to fight against the Elder Dragon.

The update promises new armor skins, a new statistics combo and skill re-balances, to be followed with another in 2 weeks.

Don’t fret if you don’t have time to play before the next update, just log in to the game to unlock the chapter to play at a later date!

MYST: A Change Of Direction


As a guild, we’ve adapted and changed over the years to best fit the needs of you lot – the members. Every now and then we like to take a step back and take stock of how things are, what the state of participation and enjoyment is, and to see what we can do to improve the community as a whole.

After talking at length, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit to help focus the guilds efforts and refine what it is we want to provide our members. After monitoring the decreased levels in activity on Guild Wars 2, coupled with the contrasting increase in activity within other games, we’ve decided to remove Guild Wars 2 as our primary focus.

Now before you start running through the streets setting market stalls on fire in protest, allow me to explain. We are not completely leaving Guild Wars 2 as a favoured game, we’re just taking a step back on what we want to provide in an effort to promote the community as a whole. There will still be people playing Guild Wars and the guild will continue to exist within the game itself. Guild missions will not be affected.

Because of these changes and the recent increase of activity in Steam chat, we’ve decided to make the MYST Steam group our focal point for communal discussion to run alongside our forums. As a platform, it helps us all to connect across a multitude of different games so we can keep in touch whilst trying out the latest releases or indulging in some of our most nostalgic titles. Whatever your poison, its a great way for us to all stay in touch. As a result of this shift, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to take due care and consideration when talking in this space – It’s there for everyone and no one should feel uneasy or unwanted.

To help kick off our new direction, we’ve decided the best way to get us all playing together would be to organise regular events across the games we love to play. Previous one-off sessions in Team Fortress 2, Unreal Tournament, and many others have proven to be successful in getting us all crammed together in an effort to kill Sven, and we believe this is the best way to to encourage you all to play together and have some fun. Alongside the computer games, we plan on running some RPG and board game nights too, and there’s already a scheduled bout in Cards Against Humanity that you can sign up for now if you’re interested. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums for more information as it comes, and if you think of anything you’d like to get us playing, make sure you tell us.

And that’s it! As always if you have any issues, concerns, or thoughts on what has been said here, or on any other aspects of guild life please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

~ Myst Management

Festival of the Four Winds – Guild Wars 2 patch

Festival of the Four Winds
Scarlet Briar’s attack devastated Lion’s Arch, but Tyria’s best and brightest are rallying to support the stricken city. The Zephyrites and Queen Jennah will both offer their finest festival amusements to boost morale and offer support. Visit Labyrinthine Cliffs and experience the rush of Aspect movement skills, take part in the Sanctum Sprint, or enjoy one of the brand-new events; then take a hot-air balloon to Divinity’s Reach and enjoy the reopened Crown Pavilion, including a new version of the Queen’s Gauntlet, the Boss Blitz.
Join Braham, Rox, Marjory, Kasmeer, Taimi, and Scruffy as they enjoy the festivities and usher in the return of Lion’s Arch services!
The Zephyrites have returned to Labyrinthine Cliffs in their large-sailed flying ships to support Lion’s Arch in its time of need. Although Lion’s Arch suffered a devastating blow as a result of Scarlet’s nefarious plans, Captain Ellen Kiel of the Captain’s Council is grateful to see the Zephyrites return with their generous offer of materials and moral support. And to help reinvigorate trade and provide some joy to its citizens, the Zephyrite Master of Peace and Queen Jennah of Kryta are hosting a festival to honor Lion’s Arch. Join Kiel and the adventuring group of Rox, Braham, Marjory, Kasmeer, and Taimi in Lion’s Arch at the Claw Island Portage Waypoint to meet the Zephyrite leader and kick off the start of the festival.
Labyrinthine Cliffs
Players can travel to Labyrinthine Cliffs to partake in all of the fun and excitement of the festival by speaking to the transport facilitator in Lion’s Arch, or by hopping in a hot-air balloon in Divinity’s Reach. Once there, players will find the exhilarating Aspect movement skills perfected by the Zephyrites, enabling them to dash, leap, and tether to all corners of the map.

  • The Zephyrites and the strange denizens of the bazaar have not been idle since the last time the Zephyr Sanctum was docked. Players can participate in an all-new scavenger hunt for sky crystals, with new, harder-to-access locations.
  • Two of the locals, Barkeep Ixcic and Trader Owens, have also put together two brand-new events designed to delight the entire bazaar!
  • Players can participate in the Sanctum Sprint, a competitive race of up to 12 participants, where they’ll need to use Wind, Sun, and Lightning movement skills to complete the course.
  • Players interested in the competitive use of the Zephyrite fighting skills can join the Aspect Arena PvP activity.

The Crown Pavilion
The Crown Pavilion in the human city of Divinity’s Reach has once again opened its gates. Join the golem Heal-o-Tron in assisting the city of Lion’s Arch. Donate enough money and he’ll kick off the all-new Boss Blitz in the trenches of the Pavilion. The champions are back and have learned a whole new set of skills. The faster players can slay the mighty champions, the greater the rewards. But beware! The champions are sharing the secrets of their training with each other. As each one is defeated, others increase their power!
The Queen’s Gauntlet
Enter the Queen’s Gauntlet to battle mighty representations of humanity’s most vicious enemies.

  • Face increasingly difficult challenges in single combat against a variety of unique bosses.
  • Take a risk with special gambit conditions to earn even more prestigious rewards.
  • Each entry and gambit costs 1 Queen’s Gauntlet Entrance Ticket.
  • Earn a new title for defeating Liadri: “The Blazing Light”.

Lion’s Arch
Some of the Captain’s Council still oversee the refugee camps at the Vigil Keep, Durmand Priory, and Stormbluff Isle, while the rest have returned to Lion’s Arch. As a result, most of the services that were previously relocated at the Vigil Keep have returned to Lion’s Arch, and the balloons of Kryta that connected the refugee camps have departed. Several access services have also relocated.

  • Coriolis Plaza, in the Eastern Ward, is the new home to the asura gates connecting all the major cities of Tyria.
  • Asura gate connections to the Mists have been reestablished at Fort Marriner.
  • The Consortium operations have moved to Postern Ward, including access to Fractals of the Mists and Southsun Cove.
  • A new rope bridge helps connect the Eastern Ward to Postern Ward and its recently added portal to Lornar’s Pass.

Merchants have also returned to Lion’s Arch, creating new locations from which to sell their goods.

  • Players can find that the bank and trading post have reestablished their services at the Canal Ward, flanking the exit to Gendarran Fields.
    • These commerce services have set up additional outlets for banking and trading at Fort Marriner as well as at the Eastern and Western Wards.
  • Crafting disciplines, along with the Mystic Forge, have been relocated to the Western Ward.
    • Fort Marriner and Postern Ward also have crafting services.
  • Guild services can be found at the Trader’s Forum.
  • The activities director can be found at the Grand Piazza.

Returning citizens and visitors are advised to take care among the wreckage of the Breachmaker, whose debris is embedded throughout the city and beneath the waters of Sanctum Harbor.

  • Participating in festival content will earn players festival tokens, which can be spent at the festival reward vendor in the Labyrinthine Cliffs for a wide array of returning rewards from the first season of Living World content.
    • Examples include the Hot Air Balloon Souvenir from Queen’s Jubilee, the Gift of Candy Corn from Blood and Madness, and the Fervid Censer from the Secret of Southsun.
  • All activities and events in Labyrinthine Cliffs and the Crown Pavilion have a rare chance of dropping a Favor of the Bazaar or Favor of the Pavilion, respectively. Combining one of each will yield a Favor of the Festival, which can be used to purchase two new rewards—a Mini Panda or an Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic—from the reward vendor. Alternately, a Favor of the Festival can be used to purchase one of the returning Sovereign weapon skins from a vendor in the Crown Pavilion.
  • The Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box traders have returned, once again giving players the opportunity to obtain quartz and recipes for Celestial armor in Labyrinthine Cliffs. The boxes now also have a chance to contain a set of rare returning rewards from season one, such as an Air-Filtration Device from the Nightmares Within or a Wind Catcher Skin from the original Bazaar of the Four Winds.
  • Standing with the supply box traders near the docks in the Labyrinthine Cliffs is an asuran merchant who accepts spare piles of Blade Shards in exchange for Equipment Bags, each containing a piece of masterwork or better gear.
  • Participating in festival content will also earn players Queen’s Gauntlet Entrance Tickets, which can also be purchased in the Crown Pavilion. Winning fights in the Queen’s Gauntlet will award players with Gauntlet Chances, which have a rare chance to drop a further set of rare returning rewards, such as a monocle from the Sky Pirates of Tyria. Furthermore, Gauntlet Chances have a very rare chance to drop a recipe for crafting the new Chaos of Lyssa ascended back piece.


  • Completing the Festival of the Four Winds meta-achievement will yield a bounty of festival tokens, as well as a single guaranteed Favor of the Festival for players to spend as they please.
  • Players who didn’t complete the Queen’s Gauntlet achievements from the original Queen’s Jubilee release have another chance to do so.
    • Those champions who can best the epic final fight of the gauntlet will also be rewarded with a new title: “The Blazing Light.”
  • The Festival of the Four Winds achievement Aspect Arena Regular is returning with previous progress saved and five new achievement points added.
  • Added two more achievements to the daily achievement category.


In addition to the above, there have been a large number of balances, bug fixes and polishes. Significant items include:


Champions have been removed from starter areas so that new players can focus on learning the game rather than getting caught up in the train.

Significant changes to the Dredge fractal, including a 15% reduction in health for Rabsovich.

Guild challanges now reward guilds like other mission types


For a full list of changes see the Guild Wars 2 forum.

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