Saying Goodbye to Ventrilo

After a decade of service to us, we will be leaving Ventrilo for Discord. We have been trialling Discord within the Guild Wars 2 community of MYST for some time now, and have found it to have the following benefits over Ventrilo:

  • Side by side chatrooms, making it easier to share links with those you are speaking with and communicate with those who don’t want to talk
  • Temporary invitations, allowing us to invite random people to the server to fill out groups, without worrying about unwelcome guests later
  • You can see what others are currently playing, allowing you to join up with peopl!e
  • No need to install a client, Discord works in a browser
  • It’s free!

I’m waiting on a final date for when Ventrilo will work. Once I have it, I’ll let you know

Ventrilo will stop working any day now. See you on Discord!

Guild Missions Update

Ok so we all know that missions are pretty buggy atm, and we don’t want that to take away from your guild experiences. What we have decided is a temporary measure until they are fixed. That is that we are going to select PvP missions as our preference and allow everybody in the guild to make their own PvP team. This will allow people to do the missions under their own steam whenever you want to and get all of the rewards you want, as PvP seems the least buggy of the missions so it’s more guaranteed loot on completion.

We will still run a block for missions on the weekend for those who haven’t completed them and help people to get their loot but it should be a lot more streamlined, this way gives people a chance to get your loot when you want and won’t have people waiting to queue for matches on the Sunday.

We currently have a poll running to decide what we want to do for missions, but this is for when they are fixed, not right now.
Please make sure that you vote on what you want to do for missions. VOTE HERE!

All of these issues will be discussed during our next coffee meeting which we have scheduled for Sunday 22nd November, 1PM UTC and UK time and will be followed by an activity to be decided by those in attendance. Attendance isn’t compulsorary but would be nice to have good numbers there to put your points across. There will be a thread on the forum for those who can’t attend but have something they want to say.


Come Capture the Guild Hall!

Guild HallCome and join us on Sunday 1st of November at 1pm UTC to capture the new guild hall in Heart of Thorns!


We will be aiming to capture the Guilded Hollow hall together at this time. Ideally you will need to have earned the exalted mastery (1) in order to access the hall or have a portal to friend consumable handy. We may also be able to use mesmer portals to get people where they need to go but there is no 100% confirmation that this works!

If you cannot be with us for this capture but would like to see what all the fuss is about we will be filming the event and will also be capturing the Lost Precipice hall with our storage guild Mystic Pirates at a later date.

This will mean that we should eventually have access to all the weapon skins and gives people without HoT or unable to come on Sunday a chance to take part in a capture!

Hope to see you there!

HoT Coffee Meeting This Weekend

In case you missed the forum post here the council are inviting you all to a coffee meeting this weekend to discuss upcoming HoT issues that will affect you all, and we want to include you all in the process of getting our brand new guild hall.

There’s lots of information in the forum post, and though its not expected that you read every blog post linked, there are some that will be useful to help inform your decisions.

It would be really helpful and beneficial to everyone if you can post your thoughts on guild halls in the thread, and most importantly which days and times you can make.

So head over here and make your voice heard (PMs also welcome)

Totally Boss

gw102It was a smaller than usual group who geared up to take on some of the biggest, loudest and butt ugliest bosses together this Sunday.

Luckily for Bryce, Thierry and myself we weren’t the only adventures looking to pound some monster flesh that afternoon and between us we managed to slay an impressive number of beasties.

First up was a trip to the Jungle, complete with sunscreen and insect repellent, to deal with an out-of-control inquest super golem which the local hylek had managed to tamper with. Despite trying to hide behind some conveniently placed boxes we eventually found ourselves out in the open; dodging and running for our lives as the golem’s fully automatic hand cannons tried their best to tear chunks from us. Luckily, the golem proved no match for us and our allies and we soon merrily looted it’s electronics for new hats.

From the heat of the jungle to the frozen snow-peaks, we next found ourselves wandering through the Norn lands in search of a rouge svanir shaman. It turns out he wasn’t hard to find as he was the tall guy who shouted a lot and had some weird funky magic swirling all around him. Really he shouldn’t have made himself quite so obvious because he went down like a punk.

Fancying more of a challenge we traveled to the north in search of a dragonspawn known as the Claw of Jormag. Being mighty heroes we filled up on the finest snow truffles first, courtesy of the locals, before taking up arms with the militia and inspecting their defenses. The battle was long, but slowly we weakened the great beast, pulling each other up when the corruption became too much. Hours passed, scores of our fellow adventures lost their lives (And their truffles), but we grimly battled on; patiently lowering the spawn’s defenses until, at last, we could go in for the kill. Surprisingly the dragonspawn’s hoard wasn’t as legendary as the stories had promised but we did walk away with a good handful of gold (weapons).

Having had quite enough of battling monsters for one day we decided a rest was in order and went for a quiet spot of tea in Rata Sum. While we were there Thierry stumbled across the local tourist information booth and we decided a local tour of the Thaumanova Reactor would be a great way to get in some R & R. We’d just started hearing about how the local golems could ingest 100 times their own body weight in harmful substances when the unthinkable happened and a massive golem-induced explosion spawned a huge fire elemental. Luckily the fire elemental was no match for our tour group but we all agreed that it might be best to take our holiday on a nice secluded island somewhere instead.

The Rata Sum tourist information office heartily recommended Laughing Gull Island on the Bloodtide coast at this time of year so we packed our bags and headed out through Lion’s Arch to take in some sun. We’d just spread out our towels on the sun loungers when Bryce noticed that there seemed something a bit odd about all the large, heavily tattooed, bearded hula girls serving our drinks. No sooner had his suspicions been formed then the dastardly trap unfurled and we found ourselves face to face with a Pirate Admiral and her fleet! Suffice to say we made small work of the group but that is definitely the last time we use Rata Sum Tourist Information Services!

Since the monsters seemed to turn up no matter what we did we decided to end our adventures by tracking down a giant wurm that we had heard of down in the Sylvari homelands. The wurm was fairly elusive, given it’s size, and we soon found ourselves waist deep in swamp water destroying it’s minions in an effort to lure it out. Luckily for us the ploy worked and we were quickly engaged in the largest pest control operation this side of Tyria: ruthlessly exterminating the giant wurm so it can bother the locals no more.

So it was, covered in wurm slime and clutching the loot we found at the bottom of it’s gullet (don’t ask), that we decided to depart, each of us looking forward to a hot bath and a good meal in somewhere that didn’t need rescuing!

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