Hard Mode Time

Sunday, September 13. It was time for yet another trip down memory lane, as a few of our members headed off to Guild Wars 1, once more challenging the perils of beloved Cantha, which I still think should have been the expansion. Too off-topic? Oops.


Many minions and spirits were had as our brave adventurers headed into Minister Cho’s Estate, unimpressed by the challenges of Hard Mode and almost picking up a stray PUG from the North America region who had come there in search for the Zaishen Missions.


One can never have too many spirits – or minions.

Things went well as Mel haxxed her way through three gold drops in a row, and the mission was beat in record time.


Encouraged by their success (and the 5 million gold drops), the party went on to Zen Daijun, and things began to unravel. Zunraa died again and again and again, and alas, in the end our brave adventurers were defeated, vowing to return next time with stronger numbers – and perhaps less clowny builds.


Thank you to Will, Victor, and Timmey for coming along and reliving some Guild Wars 1 content.