Come Capture the Guild Hall!

Guild HallCome and join us on Sunday 1st of November at 1pm UTC to capture the new guild hall in Heart of Thorns!


We will be aiming to capture the Guilded Hollow hall together at this time. Ideally you will need to have earned the exalted mastery (1) in order to access the hall or have a portal to friend consumable handy. We may also be able to use mesmer portals to get people where they need to go but there is no 100% confirmation that this works!

If you cannot be with us for this capture but would like to see what all the fuss is about we will be filming the event and will also be capturing the Lost Precipice hall with our storage guild Mystic Pirates at a later date.

This will mean that we should eventually have access to all the weapon skins and gives people without HoT or unable to come on Sunday a chance to take part in a capture!

Hope to see you there!