MYST Jump for Joy

Several members of MYST took to tyria to conquer the highs of jumping puzzles and the lows of falling flat on your face.
Starting out from the grove, we ran onwards into Caledon Forest. With a quick foray in Spelunker’s Delve before moving onto the more tricky double jumping puzzle of Morgan’s Spiral and dying numerous fiery deaths in Spekks’s Laboratory.

We eventually managed to beat those puzzles and fancied more of a challenge. We braved the elements and took on Goemm’s Lab and whilst Ivo, Ent and Mel sailed through, I seemed to fail at every possible jump, but after a long time managed to catch up.
We then mapped to Fireheart Rise to take on Vexa’s Lab, and once Ent managed to get past the mini knockdown golems we took down the big daddy golem to claim our loot.