Guild Missions Update

Ok so we all know that missions are pretty buggy atm, and we don’t want that to take away from your guild experiences. What we have decided is a temporary measure until they are fixed. That is that we are going to select PvP missions as our preference and allow everybody in the guild to make their own PvP team. This will allow people to do the missions under their own steam whenever you want to and get all of the rewards you want, as PvP seems the least buggy of the missions so it’s more guaranteed loot on completion.

We will still run a block for missions on the weekend for those who haven’t completed them and help people to get their loot but it should be a lot more streamlined, this way gives people a chance to get your loot when you want and won’t have people waiting to queue for matches on the Sunday.

We currently have a poll running to decide what we want to do for missions, but this is for when they are fixed, not right now.
Please make sure that you vote on what you want to do for missions. VOTE HERE!

All of these issues will be discussed during our next coffee meeting which we have scheduled for Sunday 22nd November, 1PM UTC and UK time and will be followed by an activity to be decided by those in attendance. Attendance isn’t compulsorary but would be nice to have good numbers there to put your points across. There will be a thread on the forum for those who can’t attend but have something they want to say.