Saying Goodbye to Ventrilo

After a decade of service to us, we will be leaving Ventrilo for Discord. We have been trialling Discord within the Guild Wars 2 community of MYST for some time now, and have found it to have the following benefits over Ventrilo:

  • Side by side chatrooms, making it easier to share links with those you are speaking with and communicate with those who don’t want to talk
  • Temporary invitations, allowing us to invite random people¬†to the server to fill out groups, without worrying about unwelcome guests¬†later
  • You can see what others are currently playing, allowing you to join up with peopl!e
  • No need to install a client, Discord works in a browser
  • It’s free!

I’m waiting on a final date for when Ventrilo will work. Once I have it, I’ll let you know

Ventrilo will stop working any day now. See you on Discord!


  1. Mel

    ;_; RIP

  2. faure

    Excellent. Discord is showing to be quite great. Have to look into the webclient to see how I connect to my profile and accompanied servers though.

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