Single Profession Dungeons

Sunday, August 16. Reliving the good old days of Guild Wars 1, we decided it was high time for some single profession dungeon runs in Guild Wars 2.


A handful of brave souls gathered, and together we braved the depths of the Ascalonian Catacombs, armed only with our flamethrowers and some garlic bread. It proved difficult to defeat the graveling burrows, leaving some to cry for more ice bows – surely no one would notice, the class icons for Engineer and Elementalist look the same anyway! Yet in the end our group was successful, wiping only about ten times, never giving up. MYST pro guild.


Thierry, Slim and Tasha roasting the Howling King

Following that it was Bunny Thumper time in Caudecus’s Manor, albeit missing a couple rainbow phoenixes. Brandishing our bears and longbows, things went smoothly, with only one full team wipe happening. MYST extremely pro guild. Bow to us.


Puppy, Tasha, Ent, Lyuna and Slim after finishing CM

Thank you to those who attended, and hopefully we can do this again on some other classes.

Guild Events and Missions Questionnaire

Hey guys, I’m here to ask you to spend a few minute of your gaming time to help the council to help you plan activities for future events. Things like what you want to see more of or when you are available to do them.
To a lot of you this won’t apply as you have already filled it out but the more voices we hear the more we can do for you.
So head on over to this guild questionnaire and fill it in as soon as you can.

No Refuge

Sunday, July 28th.

It is but a few brave adventurers standing at the foot of the hill that hold the centaur camp. Dangerous, perhaps, to come here without proper reinforcements, even if the creatures appear friendly enough for now. They know what’s coming though. Within moments Faolain appears, drawing a snarl from one of the heroes even as the centaurs begin to attack her.


“Just stand on that hill, they can’t trample you there,” mutters one of them, focused on dodging the assault.


Indeed, it is mere minutes until the other exclaims “Yess, got it!”


And yet that isn’t the last these hunters of fortune have seen of the centaurs, for just as they fell Togonn Windmane one of them exclaims in frustration: “Damnit, I ran straight into it!”


And thus the cycle began anew, making the horde of centaurs wonder just what they had done to deserve getting slaughtered over and over again, just so a few players might claim more of those silly “Achievement Points” they seemed so fixated on.

Naked PvP


On Sunday afternoon, 21st of June, a few dauntless and underdressed fighters gathered to fight against each other. The plans almost ended prematurely when at first no one seemed to be able to find the secret location where they were supposed to meet. When finally everyone had arrived, the distribution of classes turned out to be somewhat one-sided. Three thieves, a warrior, a necromancer and an engineer, who had brought lots of turrets as reinforcement.

The warmup began with an open 3 vs 3 brawl, that soon turned out to be utterly one-sided, as Wai’s thieving skills were just OP. After Wai swapped places with Cinna the teams were much better balanced and, aside from occasional swearing because of turrets or invisible thieves, the fight proceeded nicely.


To distribute invisibility powers evenly it was decided that every team for the final 2 vs 2 matchup should have one thief each. Each team was to fight against each other team in a best of 3.The first matchup saw Sam and Wai against Carlo and Thierry and was won by the former 2:0. The waiting team had to get dressed in order to be recognisable and served as judges and reporters. Though some judges complained about being attacked by disobedient turrets.

Invisibility continued to cause much of confusion. Once a team was suspected of having fled the confrontation due to an early use of Shadow Refuge, and another fight even had to be paused for a few seconds when all of a sudden everyone was invisible at the same time. Things became especially wild when more than one fighter was downed at the same time since the question of who died first more than once tipped a fight in a matter of seconds. The second matchup which saw Wai and Sam against Nick and Cinna turned out to be a tough fight where more often than not lucky timing would tip the balance in one direction. After a tie it finally ended with 1:2.

stone-throwing finale

stone-throwing finale

The end came with a heart-stopping finish, in which all four combatants got downed at the same time and started to frantically throw stones at each other, accompanied by loud swearing and screaming. Standings were as follows: Nick and Cinna in the first place, Sam and Wai runners-up and Carlo with Thierry in the third place.

Guild Housekeeping

As part of the hostile takeover of MYST, the Guild Wars council will be doing some housekeeping in game. This means that members who have been marked as inactive for a long period of time will be kicked from the roster. Doing so will give us a better insight into the size and activity of the guild. The Great Kickening will be happening on Tuesday, June 23rd.


Before that, the forum will be undergoing maintenance on Sunday, June 21st from 10am to 11am UTC+1 and will not be accessible during that. In line with these changes long-time inactive members will be moved to the Former Member usergroup. The Specialist rank is also being removed.


Of course, if anyone who gets the boot wants to come back that will not be a problem at all, just send a message to the leadership via the website.


Please remain calm in this dire time of restructure and, if you do so, you may receive cake.









P.S.: The cake is a lie.

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