Who We Are

Chances are you have a pretty good idea what kind of guild you want to be part of. You are in the right place if you think that good people make games great, enjoy doing pointless things for fun and want to be better at games without an elitist attitude. Right now we’re mostly playing Guild Wars 2, DOTA2 and a variety of other games that we find interesting. We are looking for others who play one or both of these games, or share our relaxed, friendly attitude to social gaming. If that sounds like good news, read on.


Our foundations

Mystic Spiral [MYST] was founded in May 2006 in Guild Wars by Quatra and Tasha. We believe that all games are better when shared with a group of friends and our other aims are captured in the guild’s motto – make friends, have fun and get the job done.

It is important to us that our members are involved in guild life and we run a variety of events to help bring people together covering:

Gaming is something all our members are passionate about and while around 40 of our 50 active members are online at least every other day, there is a balance between online and offline life. There’s also recognition that a game doesn’t stay fun forever, so what we play does change slowly over time. Although Guild Wars 2 and DOTA2 have our attention for now, we also play a variety of other titles together on the side. We love Steam sales for (re)discovering new and old games. And despite having a casual attitude our members still tackle the hardest content available – who said being casual meant sacrificing achievement?!


Our members

MYST is made up of all kinds of people from all across the globe. Around 70% of our members from Europe with others from Africa, North America, Asia and Australasia. Most are between 18 and 35 (there is no age restriction) and either in full time employment or education.


Some of our members at meetups held in 2012 and 2013

To cope with the various different timezones and languages, we use UTC as “guild time” (the clock on our homepage is set to UTC) and communication is in English in game, on our forum, on Ventrilo and on Steam. We’re happy to help people learning the language in whatever way they’d like. Most of our members are online during the evenings in Europe and at weekends, but we aim to make events accessible to all time zones.

New players are as welcome as veterans.



There isn’t a big hierarchy in MYST. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback, run events and contribute to guild life however they like.

Joining an established guild can be tough, so we try to reach out to new members to help them find their way in the guild and answering any questions they may have. There are also a handful of Leaders who are responsible for the administration side of guild life and setting goals. That’s it.



We don’t demand a certain amount of time from people each week and no one is forced to buy a particular game to maintain membership. Once someone has become a full member of the guild they are expected to have some contact with others once a month (not just log in) to be considered active. If that doesn’t happen, they are marked as inactive until their activity picks up again; sometimes this happens years later! The rules are a little different for members in the probationary period as you’ll see below.


Guild Wars 2

We’re interested in all aspects of the game, with a focus on PvE. Our home server is Aurora Glade EU server and the guild has access to every guild upgrade, with regular guild boosts and with a full complement of Guild Missions run each Sunday.

We don’t require our members to represent MYST all the time (but you should spend time with us to remain an active member) and encourage our members to get involved with the events of our allies, Dragon Season.

MYST members protecting a quaggan during a guild challenge mission

MYST members protecting a quaggan during a guild challenge mission


How we recruit

We prefer quality instead of quantity and are therefore looking for members willing to join our group, be sociable and play games together. After your initial application, you’ll have a brief chat with one of the leaders who’ll set up your forum account and invite you into the guild for a probationary period (usually 4 weeks).

During this period, you can become acquainted with the guild, and of course the rest of the guild can meet you too. You’ll have access to our forums, our Ventrilo server and you’re encouraged to attend events. In other words: you can do everything a guild member can. All our members are encouraged to reach out to new members, play some games with them, and provide feedback on those encounters to the Leaders and Officers. Guild events aimed at “breaking the ice” are organised frequently to help this entire process, but it’s up to you to involve yourself.

When the new member has had some time to settle in, Leaders and Officers will review the probation period, including the feedback from all MYST members, and either promote the new member to “full member” or deny membership. No need to start sweating though, we don’t bite (often). Just be nice, have fun and most importantly, get involved.


The next step

If we look like somewhere you’d like to call home, you should take a look at our rules before applying.