Become a core member

There are a few things that might help you be a core member of this or any other community. If that isn’t your goal, that’s fine. We’re thrilled to have you and want you to keep participating as you are. If you want to be a core member, read on.

Participate regularly

It’s impossible to become a core member if you don’t. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a member, you need to participate regularly.

Reach out to others

Be interested in people, avoid criticising/complaining, give honest appreciation, ask more questions than you answer, talk in terms of other people’s interests, use their preferred name, and try to be more of an optimist than a pessimist. It is very hard to make friends if you aren’t reaching out and pleasant to be around, and making friends is what this community is all about.

Add value to your forum contributions

Add an extra point of view, write in a different style, add information others don’t have. Make your contributions unique. Perhaps do a little more research and answer questions more fully than others. All in all, the more you go above and beyond in your responses, the more you will stand out.

Make things happen

This is similar to our second point. If you organise events, write guides or news, volunteer to help out – it increases your profile considerably. Identify what we, the community need, and then make it happen. Here are a few ideas.