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Mark your Calender!

  …That’s right!   Guild Missions and Guild Events are changing times!   Starting on the 3rd of October Missions will no longer be running at Sunday Lunchtime. Instead all Missions will be run on Saturdays at 10am UTC (11am UK).  Events will still run on a Sunday but at the new time of 2pm …

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Urgent! Guild Meeting. Sunday 27th!

Hello folks!   We are requesting that as many members of MYST as possible join us for a meeting this coming Sunday 27th at 12pm UTC (1pm UK). We would like some time to talk with everyone about how things are going in the guild and to address some issues that have arisen over the last …

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Hard Mode Time

Sunday, September 13. It was time for yet another trip down memory lane, as a few of our members headed off to Guild Wars 1, once more challenging the perils of beloved Cantha, which I still think should have been the expansion. Too off-topic? Oops.   Many minions and spirits were had as our brave …

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Upcoming Guild versus Guild changes

With the annual battle between Grenth and Dwayna fading into the past, it seems not even Balthazar’s domain is untouched by spring cleaning. Prepare for a batch of updates to Guild Battles through February and March. These changes will offer more people a chance to participate and achieve while giving the best guilds new options …

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Canthan New Year is almost here!

Check out the Canthan New Year Festival and explore all of the fun activities we have planned. This year, the festival will be extended to a full week, beginning on Thursday, January 31 at noon Pacific (GMT -8) and ending on Thursday, February 7 at noon Pacific (GMT -8). The event will culminate on Wednesday, …

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