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Urgent! Guild Meeting. Sunday 27th!

Hello folks!   We are requesting that as many members of MYST as possible join us for a meeting this coming Sunday 27th at 12pm UTC (1pm UK). We¬†would like some time to talk with everyone about how things are going in the guild and to address some issues that have arisen over the last …

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The Great Naked Cake Run.

It began with the surreptitious removal of pants. They had picked a secluded spot, as these things go in a bustling major city, but even so the nearby swirl of the waypoint provided enough foot-traffic to make everything a little risky. The jumping jacks as a warm up had probably been a bad idea. There …

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Left 4 Dead 2 is free for 24 hours

Over the last few weeks, some of our members have been jumping into Left 4 Dead 2 on a Sunday evening for some fun shooting and hitting zombies. Until 10am PST (that’s 6pm UTC), this game is totally free. Just install it on your Steam account and it’s yours forever. Full details, including links to …

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Patch Notes v2.0

Welcome to Patch Notes, the best way of catching up on the bits of guild life you missed! Early in February I announced a new series of monthly competitions to return the funds that were generously donated to obtain the commander book. One of the first ones we ran was a design a boss competition …

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Can’t get enough of Game Of Thrones? Good news. There’s a small bandit of games coming next year. Game of Thrones, a role-playing game from developer Cyanide Studio and publisher Atlus for PS3, Xbox 360 and PCs, is based on an original story by the author of the novels. HBO plans to share video with …

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