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Saying Goodbye to Ventrilo

After a decade of service to us, we will be leaving Ventrilo for Discord. We have been trialling Discord within the Guild Wars 2 community of MYST for some time now, and have found it to have the following benefits over Ventrilo: Side by side chatrooms, making it easier to share links with those you …

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Guild Missions Update

Ok so we all know that missions are pretty buggy atm, and we don’t want that to take away from your guild experiences. What we have decided is a temporary measure until they are fixed. That is that we are going to select PvP missions as our preference and allow everybody in the guild to …

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Come Capture the Guild Hall!

Come and join us on Sunday 1st of November at 1pm UTC to capture the new guild hall in Heart of Thorns!   We will be aiming to capture the Guilded Hollow hall together at this time. Ideally you will need to have earned the¬†exalted mastery (1) in order to access the hall or have …

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HoT Coffee Meeting This Weekend

In case you missed the forum post here the council are inviting you all to a coffee meeting this weekend to discuss upcoming HoT issues that will affect you all, and we want to include you all in the process of getting our brand new guild hall. There’s lots of information in the forum post, …

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Totally Boss

It was a smaller than usual group who geared up to take on some of the biggest, loudest and butt ugliest bosses together this Sunday. Luckily for Bryce, Thierry and myself we weren’t the only adventures looking to pound some monster flesh that afternoon and between us we managed to slay an impressive number of …

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