Dota 2

MYST also bands together to sate our PvP needs, with the popular MOBA game Dota 2. Coming from previous MOBA games (Dota 1/HoN) we make every effort to score the big plays of legend.

You can usually hope to find us playing Match Making as a group, and are more than welcome to join in on the fun whether you are an experienced pro or a total noob, just drop a message to one of the people below or join us in the Steam group and speak to one of the people below. Nothing is off limits when it comes to what/how we play so expect the strangest of games to come from us.

Not got your key yet? Not a problem! Contact Andypanda who has keys coming out the wazoo.

If you are interested in playing with us, here’s what you need to know


Useful Links

Interested about how we play? Want some casual entertainment to go with our ridiculous fails? We also stream a good portion of matches for those who can’t be there with us, so even if you aren’t playing you can still join in on the action. Simply follow one of the below links:

See you in game!