Got fun?

Got fun?

Post » 04 Aug 2015 16:00

Find something shiny?

Love racing Quaggans?

Are pro at battling spiders?

Enjoy dancing backwards through portals?

If you have something fun you enjoy doing that you'd like to share with your fellow MYSTies please let us know! We're looking for people to contribute to our awesome-events-and-the-like by hosting things you like to do for your fellow guildies to attend!

Don't panic, we can help with anything you're unsure of... like the health and safety paperwork -lights a match- and it doesn't have to be anything crazy, its just a way to share some of your favourite bits of the game with everyone else.

So whether its a favourite dungeon, favourite living world storyline or a favourite world boss event, let us know if you fancy running something!

We are particularly looking for someone who would like to host an event for August 23rd after guild missions and lunch (usually around 2pm UK time) but are happy to hear from anyone who fancies sharing!
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