Coffee Meeting 22nd 1pmUTC (UK)

Post » 18 Nov 2015 14:26

In case you missed the front page post we are having another casual coffee meeting this coming weekend.

If you are unable to attend and have something you want to bring up post it in here.

List of things to talk about;
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Re: Coffee Meeting 22nd 1pmUTC (UK)

Post » 24 Nov 2015 19:01

As a follow up to this meeting here is what we have discussed:

The whole meeting earlier was basically about missions and what people wanted to do about them.

Most people seemed to want to give them a go despite the fact that they may be bugged and most of them (other than ent) seemed happy with the results of the poll which hinted that having a mix or random assortment (pve, pvp, wvw) of missions for the extra favour was what people wanted to go with on a more regular basis

It was also mentioned that people valued having a 'time slot' for missions each week rather than starting them with friends during the week

People really didn't seem fussed about doing events at the moment the general consensus was that they just wanted to get on with their own thing.

It was suggested that we keep the slot open and have a few things / a place where people can ask for or vote for something each week or even just say after missions; would anyone like to do x? or maybe y?

It was also mentioned that not doing structured events for a bit is something we should ask on the forum about as we do think they are still valued by some members - particularly the new ones and we wouldn't want them missing out.

We also talked about doing raids - people are very interested in trying one out and there is talk about doing one next week sometime, we need people to let us know what is a good day/time for them. It was suggested that around 4pm on Sunday might be a good suggestion, but we may also want to suggest a Saturday and a Friday time to see what the majority of people can make.

It was suggested that people should be made aware that Raids are not easy to complete and require certain builds and planning.

People want to aim for the traders in the guild hall right now and are happy to help as long as they know what materials we need. The materials will be kept updated in the message of the day.
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