How to reach Rooted Copse HP outside Meta [Spoilers]

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As it is possible to quite easily reach the Rooted Copse area outside a completed Meta I thought I'd post the description here. This also means that if you want to map complete you should prioritise the other HPs over Rooted Copse. You might want to bring a mesmer to help you with portals as otherwise you have to rerun all the way if you fail the jump to the HP. The only thing needed is glider (maybe also speedy gliding, couldn't tell) or a mesmer to portal you past the short gliding stretch.

You start from Northern Forward Camp Waypoint. Even on an inactive Map it is easily possible to get past the patrolling mobs.

go around this hill and climb up on the other side (the hill behind it)

up this hillside to the marked spot which is where you glide from

aim for this little outcrop. This is the only difficult jump as it can be a bit tricky to land on it.

the jump seen from the other side. After this just climb up the hill and drop to the Rooted Copse area below. There are no mobs there outside the meta.

Map overview of the path
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