Guild Wars 2

Most of our members are currently playing the Buy to Play MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We’ve been involved with the game since the first beta weekend, and are now established on the EU server Aurora Glade. Most of the time we’re exploring the world or tackling dungeons, but we’ve also been known to dabble in WvW.

Missions, boosts and other perks

We’ve built all of the permanent guild upgrades available and have a 10% Magic Find booster running all the time. Other boosts are centred around our events. Missions run on Sunday at 1pm UTC.

Feel free to make use of the items in the guild bank! There are crafting materials, dyes, bags, potions, food, runes, armor and weaponry that have all been donated for your use.

Other events

There are at least 2 organised sessions a week run by members of the community covering everything from dungeons and WvW to exploring and quizzes. Find out what’s on this week on the calendar or in our Events room.


We’re fortunate to have some great friends in the Guild Wars 2 community and our alliance consists of Legendary Survivors [TLS] and Dragon Season [DS].

Join in

If you’re already a member, you can join the guild by messaging a leader with your account name. If you’d like to become one, please apply through our website.

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