Guild Wars

Guild Wars was the game that MYST was founded in, back in 2006 by Tasha and Quatra.  Over the years we’ve grown to a 90 person guild, have led an alliance of 8 guilds and experienced most of the game.  Nearly every current guild member has played this game. While we still accept new members of all backgrounds and interests, most of our members have got what they wanted from Guild Wars and we consider ourselves fairly inactive in game today.  We are part of the Luxon Relics of Orr [RO] alliance, and anticipate having a strong presence in Guild Wars 2.


  • If you are trying to achieve 50 Hall of Monuments points, please contact Tasha. We have some items stashed that should help.
  • If you are returning to the game after some time, you may find this guide for returning players written by Ku to be of use.


Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, the leadership spends very little time in Guild Wars. If you’d like an invite to our guild, you’re probably best contacting Tasha by private message.

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