All the block based carnage, Creeper induced anxiety and jaw dropping exploration lies within the only place you would ever seek comfort. I am, of course, speaking about Minecraft, the block buster indie title that smashed its way through the internet and into the hearts of millions worldwide (I know, my puns will send me straight to hell).

So theres some good news, and some bad. The good news is we currently have, in our possesion, a minecraft server! The bad news is, you may experience loss of time and life when playing. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The server is always changing and the best way to keep up with whats currently on it is to check this list out!

  • The server is currently running: Development build of Bukkit 1.1
  • The server IP is:
  • The server is currently whitelisted with the latest troll prevention technology. Contact Andypanda to get yourself whitelisted.
  • The server is currently running the following plugins: None!


Useful Links

Current server status

Server status

Live view