MYST Jump for Joy

Several members of MYST took to tyria to conquer the highs of jumping puzzles and the lows of falling flat on your face.
Starting out from the grove, we ran onwards into Caledon Forest. With a quick foray in Spelunker’s Delve before moving onto the more tricky double jumping puzzle of Morgan’s Spiral and dying numerous fiery deaths in Spekks’s Laboratory.

We eventually managed to beat those puzzles and fancied more of a challenge. We braved the elements and took on Goemm’s Lab and whilst Ivo, Ent and Mel sailed through, I seemed to fail at every possible jump, but after a long time managed to catch up.
We then mapped to Fireheart Rise to take on Vexa’s Lab, and once Ent managed to get past the mini knockdown golems we took down the big daddy golem to claim our loot.

Call for Volunteers

I’m looking for a few noble members of our community to help out at a large in game charity event on Saturday 17th October. This is the day of Pink Day in LA, an annual fundraising event in aid of the Canadian Cancer Society, and in memory and support of those who are or have dealt with cancer. On this day, players across the globe come together in Lion’s Arch dressed in pink to play games, share their stories and raise money. ArenaNet support this event immensely, and are providing some amazing real life prizes for the event.

Strike a pose winner!

Festivities during the 2013 Pink Day in LA

In previous years, this guild has assisted the effort by hosting a district or server of festivities, and I would like us to be able to do the same again this year. This takes a couple of hours of your time between 6pm and midnight on the 17th October. There are a variety of roles available including being a sassy/grumpy/enthusiastic judge, a master of ceremonies, mailing out prizes, and acting as a portal machine! All levels of experience are welcome, as are new members.

If you would like to volunteer, or are interested in other ways you can help out, please see the forum.

– Sam

Guild Meeting Information

Did you miss the grand nekkid mud wrestling match earlier today?

Wish you’d been there in your stripy bikini, summer dress and boxing gloves ready to grapple with important guild topics in the Grove?

No worries! We have documented and recapped the entirety of today’s guild meeting so just pop along to the thread to have an oggle and feel free to leave any comments, observations or general pervings!


The Results are in!

A few weeks ago we asked you all to fill in a survey about guild missions and events and we received a good number of varying responses.

You may have noticed that some things have already started to change as a direct result of the survey. We are trying out events at different times starting in October and will be listening to everything being said at this week’s guild meeting.

After spending some time collating and reading the results this document was made so you can see a summary of the collective results and see what we are using to help improve the events and missions:

Survey Results

Keep a look out for more improvements

Mark your Calender!


…That’s right!


Guild Missions and Guild Events are changing times!


Starting on the 3rd of October Missions will no longer be running at Sunday Lunchtime. Instead all Missions will be run on Saturdays at 10am UTC (11am UK). 

Events will still run on a Sunday but at the new time of 2pm UTC (3pm UK)!


This is due to member feedback on our recent Survey – the results of which will be published in full at the end of the week, so watch this space…


Hope to see you all there!


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