The following resources are available for use by all members, regardless of what games they play.

None of them are monitored for content. If you don’t want to be exposed to the occasional bad taste joke and language, don’t use them!


25-slot voice server available 24/7.  Non-members are welcome on the server as long as they are accompanied by a member.  Please enable push-to-talk while on our server and comply with any requests to adjust your volume!


Server: (you can also try

Port: 3832

Password: Please ask

Top Tip: Somnium has written a setup guide to get you started!

Steam Group

The Steam group is frequented by many members of MYST and group chat is lively.   You can use this to track other members across the many games they play, but we don’t officially support.  We highly recommend members make use of the group chat facility. Our group is a private one, so contact any of the leaders to be invited.


Group: [MYST] Game Traitor’s Union

Top Tip: Gummy Joe has written a guide to help you get started!

Top Tip: Getting to the group chat facility through the Steam UI is tedious so we recommend you make a shortcut on your desktop that will enable you to join at a double click. Simply create a shortcut by right-clicking somewhere on your desktop, select New and then Shortcut,  and add the following url where you’re asked to provide the location of the item you want to shortcut to: steam://friends/joinchat/103582791429818026

When you double click the shortcut, you’ll join the [MYST] Game Traitor’s Union group chat. Steam will launch and prompt you for a password if you’re not already logged in.


Ever wanted to play a LAN game with guild mates? Hamachi lets you do that.  Check your security settings before connecting.


Network: MYST Lan

Password: Please ask


If you’re a twitter user, consider following us for reminders about events, guild and game news.