English must be used for all public communications. When writing, full words must be used with minimal abbreviations. We are committed to helping all members improve their use of the English language. Swearing should be kept to a minimum. Character names must not be generally offensive.


Members are expected to behave with a certain level of maturity and friendliness. The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of inappropriate behaviour:

  • Begging or hinting for items (asking for stuff is fine)
  • Harassing, threatening or scamming others
  • Repeatedly spamming messages
  • Ignoring those you have asked to help you
  • Rage quitting



Mystic Spiral [MYST] is committed to an anti-discrimination policy and believes our differences make us stronger. As such we are opposed to all forms of discrimination against any person or group of people on the grounds of race, gender, faith, disability, age or sexual orientation.



Members are expected to be realistic about the amount of time they can spend playing. Signing up to an event confirms your attendance for the duration advertised. If your availability changes, you should inform the event organiser no later than 2 hours before the event.



We prefer members to give items to other members. Selling items that were given to you by other members for your use is not permitted.



We view a spoiler as being anything related to a game’s story, any significant fights or encounters and any content designed for end game participation (such as dungeons), except where developers have officially released the information prior to release.

Spoilers must be kept off public communication channels. This covers any channel that a member could join at any time, such as local and guild chat in game, and Steam group chat. Make sure those around you want to discuss spoilers before starting a discussion in a non-public channel, including team chat, private messages and in Ventrilo.

Threads containing spoilers must be clearly marked even in designated spoiler forums. Prefix threads with [Spoiler] and make sure thread titles do not contain spoilers. This allows people to make choices about what types of content they want to expose themselves to.

These actions must be taken about any game from mention of it’s existence until 6 weeks after the date of release. After that date, spoiler material can be discussed freely. If in doubt, treat it like a spoiler.


Botting and RMT 

Engaging in real money transactions that are not sanctioned by the developers of the game you are purchasing currency for is not permitted. Creating or encouraging the use of bots is not permitted.



The leaders and officers have the right to remove any member from the guild for not following any of the guidelines above or for any other reasonable reason at any time.